sexta-feira, 3 de junho de 2011

Para um carinha de muito tempo atrás

And what matter is: when you wake up next morning, you’ll be all alone.
And I’ll be laughing, because even if I wake up alone, I’ll never be the complete asshole you are.
And you’ll always know that it’s all because of you. All your loneliness, all your emptiness, all your fucked-up state of mind. All your fault.
No one has ever dumped me off before and you should know it. Not because you are the greatest dick that I’ve ever had, but because you are the greatest dick that couldn’t recognize that I could be the best damn thing in your fucking life.
But I truly understand what’s going on with you, boy. You must’ve had a big frustration with a beloved bitch. And she fucked you up. Fucked you up really hard, baby. And now you walk around, kissing silly girls and making ‘em believe in everything you transpire. You transpire fascination, but it turns into desperation.
What comforts me is the fact that there was once a beloved bitch that fucked you up. And while you keep doing this shit, you still suffer because of her. You may not admit it, or you just may not realize it. But that’s exactly what happened. And you are nothing more than a terrible loser. And in that point, babe, I beat you. ‘Cause I lost you and I’m here, completely capable of loving again. And what about you, kiddo? You are nothing more than a terrible, terrible loser.

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