domingo, 24 de janeiro de 2010

use your love

I know you know my boyfriend is out of town
so have a drink, let's talk it over
So many things I shouldn't be sayin now
You know I like my boys a little bit older
I just wanna use your love tonight

All my girls are no where to be found
they all split when I'm in trouble
but I'll tell you all my secrets if you stick around
the 'undercover-lovers' under the covers
I just wanna use your love tonight

I just wanna use your l-o-v-e

try to stop my head from spinning
too much to drink - not making sense
been a while since I've been with someone new
but I can't stop the way I'm feeling

As you leave please would you just close the door
now that our love affair is over
you're exactly what I was looking for
well find a shoulder to cry upon
I just wanna use your love tonight

You don't mean nothing at all to me

I think I'm done fuck'n singing this song

katy perry

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